Siemens: Employer Brand Content Engine

Social Media Strategist // R/GA London

Socially-led conversation ecosystem


To be visible in a social world saturated with branded content, Siemens needed to act differently. Not just from its competition, but from the often over-traditional and corporate way they’ve behaved.

To compete for talent with the likes of Google and Apple, they needed a fresher face and approach.

I worked with the editorial team at R/GA London to launch a program telling the rich and varied stories of Siemens employees and their remarkable work in an original way. The goal? To change perception and drive consideration of Siemens as the ‘employer of choice’ in the post-digital world.



New Balance

New Balance: Toughest Opponent

Social Media Account Director, Content Director // BMB Agency

New Balance Toughest Opponent campaign looked at the battles we fight with ourselves. The doubts that stop us from pushing harder, the voice that tells us we’ll never be good enough. There is no greater opponent than the one inside your own head.

Alongside the 5 hero films, I worked to create a fully integrated campaign strategy, influencer campaign, website Hub experience and social UGC competition. I also managed a media partnership, e-commerce support and ongoing social media activation.

The 2016 campaign achieved more than 17.1 million video views, an 89% VTR across all ads served, and 5.3 million engagements on social media.


Batiste: Yes You Can

Social Media Strategist // BMB Agency

The Batiste Yes You Can campaign bucks the trend of the conventionally bland and unrealistic representation of women in beauty advertising. It injects some humour and shows young women saying yes to life’s spontaneous moments and styling them out with confidence.

I worked closely on the pitching process, strategy and execution of this new brand platform launch, which has been seen in over 60 countries around the world, including EMEA and the US.


London New Girl

London New Girl

Early 2012 saw the launch of my London New Girl blog, which focused on publishing useful information for those moving from Australia to London.

Since its launch, London New Girl has grown to become a varied lifestyle and travel blog, and serves as a central hub of information for a global audience. London New Girl now covering topics such as travel, health and fitness and everything London, as well as keeping a focus on those moving to London.

I’ve grown an active and extremely enthusiastic Facebook community of global expat women who are looking to network and connect with one another in London. The community uses the group as a go-to place for help, advice and meeting new friends, facilitated further by running regular London New Girl events that allow the community to meet in person.

With over 10,000 active members in total, the London New Girl community continues to grow daily.

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Fruit Bowl

Fruit Bowl: Picked & Pressed Launch

Social Media Strategist // BMB Agency

In late 2016, Fruit Bowl launched a new Picked and Pressed range. The range was designed to appeal as a convenient fruit-based snack for both youngsters and on-the-go adults. The challenge was to find a happy medium for social comms, ensuring we could reach out to all consumer demographics, whilst providing product education.

I also created the 2016 social strategy for the Fruit Bowl brand. Brand Tracking and third party Social Media Evaluation reported that:

  • The 2016 social strategy improved positive engagement with Fruit Bowl
  • Social posts increased consideration & recommendation by a significant 34%
  • Ad recall increased from 11% to 18% in 2016.
  • Between Q1 and Q3, social media saw an increase in awareness of the following brand messages:
    • “Great taste” has increased from 61 – 73%
    • “Made from natural ingredients” from 65 – 76%
    • “Brand my children will love” from 62 – 72%



Batiste: SOS

Social Media Strategist // BMB Agency

Blue Monday is the most miserable day of the year, typically falling on the 3rd Monday of January. We saw this as the perfect opportunity for Batiste to inject a few more smiles into UK consumers’ lives.

The #BatisteSOS Twitter campaign was run for one day only, asking people to tweet their reasons for needing a boost using the #BatisteSOS hashtag, for the chance to win an ‘SOS kit’, delivered to their door that day – wherever they were.

With 100 lucky winners, the #BatisteSOS hashtag used over 2,200 times, several high-profile PR stories and a potential reach of over 20 million people later, everyone finished the day with a big smile.